At the heart of a complex European and French context, Innovacom has been creating the necessary conditions for the development of an entrepreneurial innovation economy for the past thirty years: funding breakthrough digital projects in every sector of the economy; facilitating the coming together of radically different cultures and networks to create fruitful partnerships; identifying innovative solutions and teams who can radically change the current order.
After technocom ventures and technocom2, we continue to pursue our mission with technocom3, our new priming technological fund. It’s founded on the conviction that digital transition is the main source of wealth creation in our economy. The encounter of digital and real economy is far from over. Together with our partners, we will ensure its long-term potential in France and in Europe. And if today we’re credible, it’s precisely because we have proved that we are reliable.
Ours is a history of eight raised and managed funds, a total investment of one billion Euros, the funding of 400 start-ups and outperforming in value creation since 2011.